Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Happy Labour Day

So today I enjoy my labour day by doing two things: shopping for Lego and baking.

My coming out: my trilogy is not Pirate of the Caribbean... it's Star Wars. So in my school (Nanyang Poly, Ang Mo Kio, Ave. 5 - next to Yo Chu Kang MRT station) we have decided to organize a big May the 4th be with you day... this coming Friday.

If you are in Singapore feel free to join the dark side of the force. 

That's where you'll find me, my stall is called: the dark side! - reason being... we have cookies. XDD
Yes, so... I cannot bake and I will be making cookies.

So, sorry, no labour day drawing since on labour day there is no work! Muahr ahr ahr....
(but truth be told I am drawing like crazy since I took my parents on vacation - seen that my dad is still able to walk - and both the Bali and the Thailand trip deprived me of precious drawing time! So, honestly, I'm a bit behind ;_;).

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