Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Chapter 20 E curiosities.

So Cassandra will be vomit-zilla for a while.
I think you noticed... poor girl is in the third month and that's when you get the annoying nausea and vomit stuff happening.
Now she cannot eat anything... but do not fear, fourth month is around the corner and she'll start to feed... even on you, if she has to.
In case you were wondering these are catholic vows.
As we know Martin is a catholic but everywhere we went we met catholic priests, friars and monks.

So if you go back to Father Guido marrying Castalia and Kane you can see why he is so unusual and Kane was in a hurry to have Castalia say yes... before the friar changed his mind.
Ah, here's is something curios. A few months ago, when we were playing "whose hands are these?" somebody said that Cat cannot get married.
I was quite surprised by the comment, not because it was true, but because I though it was mentioned in the comic before... while I was leaving this for last.
So I was trying to figure out why people were saying that - actually it's a friend of mine who said that hahahaha - but anyways: yes, poor Cat cannot be registered because he does not really have a name and doesn't truly exist.
He was a possession, not a person, most of his life.

So even if, let's say, Kane wanted to do a speed marriage like he did for himself and Castalia... there would still be the question that the marriage cannot be registered.

So Callista would rather not go even through a ceremony because she think it would make Cat feel uncomfortable.
The doctor of the plague actually existed. You can google them and see that they had stuff inside the long nose of the mask to avoid getting the plague.

I thought it would be cool if they were the messenger of the Pirate King since they are sent to remove... a plague.
In my head they should also be assassins.

I have a feeling we'll see more of them in the future stories.
The epic entrance... and Cat is too short.
Hahaha sorry. I was noticing these days that whenever you watch action movies, like the Avengers, or even movie posters... they all have epic pose and slow motion walk into the scene in a very epic manner and so I wondered... what if one of them is super short?
There goes Cat out of the frame so you cannot see how truly scary his face is... hahahaha.

As you remember.... Kane's grandpa died when he was away - the two years he spent in University.

Now he is piecing everything together and finally realizes that Gilber Sullivan was behind everything, including his grandfather's death.

The thought clearly hurts him: first of all Gilbert Sullivan is the King; second of all... to manage to kill the Duke Cosimo - who never trusted anyone - he must have employed such a trick; his grandfather might have died not knowing even suspecting his own son; if he did know Sullivan was behind it he might have been even more broken hearted since they had known each others for years.
Another little prank here.
Gilbert Sullivan attacks in slow motion and he is very very old.

If you notice even though there is a quick reaction from everybody it takes them a while to actually do something because he is old.
And even though, up until that moment, Kane had pushed him around and bruised him a little... I mean, an old man staggering with a dagger (lol) how to stop that?

A young one is one thing but an old, very very slow one...
Castalia might jump on him without thinking on it twice but Kane wants for her to stay back.
As weak and slow as he looks... he still is the very same man who killed his grandfather and therefore cannot be trusted.

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