Friday, May 25, 2012

Chapter 20 - final curiosities

Okay, sorry for the delay. It took me a while to actually sit down and write the final curiosities. Today was nothing short of... surreal!

I don't know about you but I've waited for two years to hear Kane say these words.

Kane has witnessed two big events in very little time: Castalia being poisoned and Pifo willing to give his life for him.
Two people making powerful choices because he gave them the freedom to choose.

This affected him immensely and made him realize that because he supports others, the others support him... so maybe he can risk a little more and dare to be free.

Choices always have consequences. Choices are what move the story forward and a character is determined by the choices he makes. As he chooses, he is.

"True CHARACTER is revealed in the choices a human being makes under pressure - the greater the pressure, the deeper the revelation, the truer the choice to the character's essential nature." Rob McGee.

Okay, so yes, the girls are pretty recognizable as babies. I had used the same joke in the previous exposition.
Can you tell who is who?
Of course you can, just as some of you guessed correctly the first time this image appeared.

And talking about the previous appearance.

Spot the differences. Ahahaha, sorry I played another little prank on you.
Why is Villy Kane dark in the exposition and not blond like in the flashback?
Well, the first time, as Kane tells the story the one imagining the stuff in gray is the listener, that is Castalia. It is not really a flashback, it's a simple exposition of facts.
Now, Castalia had never seen her dad. She just assumed he looked a bit like Callimaco but then she thought he would have brown hair. If you noticed, in this same exposition, we never see Kane's face either. Okay, so I cannot spoil his face before time but the truth is... she cannot imagine it.

The flashback, instead, belongs to Villy Kane himself and he clearly remembers what he looked like when he was young.

So Josh and Kane's mother was called Eve.

To clarify one thing: I used English names here but actually the boys are Italian, and before they were given their pirate name, had Italian names. So to tell you the truth in that balloon I should have written: Caino and Abele.

Just so you know... Italians would never call a child Juda or Cain or Herod because these dudes are super duper super-villains from the Bible.
In fact these names are used to offend people: you are such a Juda (traitor). You are such a Cain (a very bad person with murderous intention).
Poor Kane was charged with such a burden.
"That not truuuuue, that's impossibleeee!"
Sorry May the 4th still too close... but I always wanted to crack the most famous line a supreme ordeal could ever deliver in a movie!
Oh, Luke! Luke! LOL

Except he is not her father! XD
I'm easily amused, I know.

Some of you thought that Castalia was going to gamble.
Do you remember how the comic started? Kane cheated.

She is using Kane's dice... that's why Kane says that it's no "if" it's "when".

The key to the ending of The Pirate Balthasar is all in one page, one simple key page I placed at the beginning of the story.

This one page established a lot of things.
Also if you re-read the comic you realize that many things that appear to be one way actually do mean something different instead... including Kane's midsummer night's dream.

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