Saturday, May 05, 2012

Less than 20 pages left.

There are no curiosities this week as I did not receive any particular question concerning anything.

I apologize to those who disliked my mocker of a fanservice/yaoi.

I don't know if they disliked it because they thought I was serious or because they are hard core fujoshi and don't like for certain things to made fun of.

I wonder if it's just the Italian sense of humor that does not sit will with everybody.

Personally... I just wanted to make Pifo happy.

I hope you guys enjoyed "May the 4th be with you" - aka International Star Wars Day.

I spent 4 hours baking Stormtroopers' cookies and then yesterday I spent 3 hours drawings on t-shirt.

I made 6 and sold 4.

The Yoda eating light saber icicles was the most requested :D

I hope I get pictures of them soon as I ask the buyers to send me photo of them wearing the shirt!

I made plenty of cross over drawings too with Shalalas and evil Cassandra's eyes (I forgot to draw the pinky up one I had in mind LOL).

I managed to watch about 20 minutes of Empire Strikes back.
Han Solo is made of awesome!

When I wanted to draw this t-shirt here I asked my students if they had any photo of him... they had all the ugly monsters from the new series and barely any picture of Luke, Leia and Han.

So I tragically stated: whyyyyyy????? Han Solo is made of awesome!

Then, all of a sudden, people started requesting picture of Han Solo like crazy... and that's when I went: seeeee? Told you!

LOL anyway it was fun and all the money went to charity!

NOW since we are less than 20 pages away from Balthasar's ending.... I better sit down and draw all day long!

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