Sunday, December 14, 2014

Calendar proposals.

Hi guys here are some of the ideas proposed for the calendar.
I will highlight the ones the came up more often.
I noticed a common denominator was to place Colapesce in summer. 

January: Gemma because she's white like winter! *silly, I know*
February: Kane and Castalia/Gemma! Can't have Valentine's Day without a picture of these two!
March: Pea picking flowers with Andromeda~
April: Pifo with his cow family xD
May: Wes and Kes maybe? Probably trying to catch mischievous Itzak xD
June: All of the children having fun at the beach.
July: All of the sisters reunited for a summer evening of fun (:
August: Nicoli and Ahr! I don't know what setting they'd be in, but they must be in the calender! lol
September: Gemma quietly walking through a forest
October: Circe, of course, being creepy as ever!
November: The ever so elegant Zoroastra and her large cats!

December: Aaaand Again, Kane and Gemma snuggling in the winter weather x)

January: Cosimo, Kane and Castalia reading together
February: Pifo and Amil making a cake 
March: Circe 
April: Foxy suffering from allergies and Lio nursing him
May: Cat & Callista 
June: Lorenzo running from Andromeda who wants to drag him to the beach
July: Cucumberfest? XD 
August: the kids 
September: The doctor, Cassandra, itzak and shallalas
October: Kane & Bianca for Halloween
November: Pea & Martin 
December: all of them for Xmas.

This is a compilation of different proposals:
January: we celebrate Epiphany with the Galette des Rois. If they are christians, one of the kids (they are just soooo cute) could wear a paper crown and shout "I'm the Pirate King!" (or something funnier).
February: is a month of Valentine! So maybe Westley and Cassandra can present the romance theme - or since is Mardi Gras Wes dressed up as Pirate Balthasar or Shallala.
May: Lio, Foxy and little Jean Baptiste for Mother's Day month? 
June: Nicoli in her true form as siren of the south(if I remember that right) and Ahr having summer fun at the beach or maybe in the ocean. So her adorable fish can be there XD. 
August: Colapesce in August if I may suggest something.
December: Our beloved FInnish guy should represent one of the winter months. Snowy background.

January: Lio holding baby JB
February: The two grandpas (Cosimo Balthasar and Wilson Kane) together
March: Ahr and Colapesce in modern time, Ahr getting ready for a job interview and Colapesce is tying a tie around his neck and he's hating it
April: Martin introduces Pea to his sister
May: Circe as a farmer's daughter, hair in a long braid and denim overalls, holding a rake
June: Wes takes Kes and the kids to his family's graves (if there are any, otherwise his old house)
July: All the witches with actual powers, kinda like superheroes or fairies
August: Itzak returns to Pearlie after his first voyage
September: Ahr pays a surprise visit to 20ish year old Cosimo
October: Pifo and Amil seeing off one of the baby cows (cow school or something? Maybe a girl cow goes over to the love of her life?)
November: Itzak demands money from Cat after shoveling his yard turtlefacing
December: All the kids from next gen singing in a choir

January:  Young Wes & Kane
February: Josh, Nairi & Fimi
March: Pifo, Quoque with all their cows.
April: Lio, Foxy & Jean Baptiste (5 years old)
May: Wes & Kes  surrounded by pink vision and butterflies
June:  Itzak
July: Colapesce, Nicoli e Ahr
Augost: Pea & Martin
September: Cat & Calli
October: Circe & Ulysses
November: Andromeda & Ballthasar
December: Tirzah, Cosimo & Balthasar (from the Xmas story)
Cover: Kane & Castalia attacking a ship 

And one proposal was for a Gem of the Mediterranean Sea theme.

bucolic Argi & Hyttia.
The Circeius in summer and in winter.
Some old characters like Colapesce and Ahr at the Circeius.
Circe and her husbands (and kane drawing them)
Circe and her sisters
Images from formal and casual occasions
dances and parties
Kane, Gemma and Catstalia.

All these ideas are actually excellent so... we not discuss which ones will go into the January calendar first! (as we are running out of time and I will release the pages monthly) and the rest will go into illustrations :D

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