Saturday, November 14, 2015

Chapter 8 - curiosities

A few things to be noticed in this chapter. The first one is that Pandora/Dora does keep some of her memories of her son. She does not know Kane is Kane... but the son she has been talking about all along was Kane!


The second thing we see is a small insight on how some of the illusions work. For instance we learn that "be nice to girls" is an illusion too and the reason why Kane is nice to women all the time is because of an illusion his mom must have put on him when he was young. Colapesce's earring is not only helpful to see through the Gemma illusion but also resonates with it. Apparently Gemma knows how to use it too. And for last, please keep an eye on Castalia's clue, it is very important in view of the deal Kane made with Circe.


Talking about Illusions the "one flesh" is still there and it is the reason why Gemma has been acting so strangely (almost like a meanie) around Kane. She first felt uncomfortable around him when the crossed path in the corridor and his heart skipped a beat, and her heart skipped a beat too.


Similarly to Dora, Gemma does not remember being Castalia. She is Castalia nonetheless and so she does have something very similar to "muscle memory" and in her behavior she is still very close to what Castalia would do.


We also get a second insight on Circe's past and here I hope we did not forget that Circe is a blondie.


We have two hints again at the white horses and their duties - Telegonous hints at them following around Gemma too - before Gemma leaves the palace in the middle of the night and after Gemma does not show up for the "rising" ceremony (which we talked about here)

In this chapter we also discover that there are 2 more candidates to the role of Pirate King but they are not as "pure" and "pious" as our darling Kane.

The chapter closes with two new bits of information: Gemma is expecting and Circe says Castalia went to her.... which my answer the question: when did Castalia return Circe's boys if she was alone (just with Ahr and Cosimo) when she went back to Kane?


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