Friday, June 20, 2014


This is a demo I did in my Advanced Comic and Illustration class... to guide my students step by step in the process of traditional inking, panelling and coloring with traditional medium their work. I provided them with the script as well... which was inspired by the fact that Singapore will turn 50 in one year.

How Singapore got its name.
In the XIV century prince Sang Nila Utama landed on the island of Temasek by chance and upon sighting something he thought to be a Lion he decided to name the island Singa (lion) pura (city). Singapura, the lion city.
However recent studies have proven that no lions ever lived in Singapore and although there has been talks about the possibility the feline could have been a Malay Tiger, still someone like Sang Nila Utama and his men would have seen one before.
Recent speculation state that he might have actually seen a Golden Cat (a mased palm civet)…
My theory about the whole story is that he probably saw a cat (and Singapure is also know for being quite the feisty breed)… and that upon returning to his palace what he provided to his courtesans was an epic “fishing story”.
No offense intended here, I think Singaporean cats are a very good representative of the spirit of this nation. <3

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