Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Results of the Polls are as follow:

Hi guys, we have to close the poll now.
The results are as follow:

Lio and the Stork 119 votes
Circes 108 votes
Zizack and Pearlie 105 votes
While you were away 68 votes
Abduction from the Serraglio 43 votes
The Gem of the Mediterranean sea 39 votes
The Slave ship 38 votes
Family Traditions 26
Murder in Bologna 24 votes
Our Little Brother 22 votes
Badia 12 votes
How Durians arrived in Italy 7 votes

I think the Durian story is mainly voted by Singaporeans hahaha.

So I guess we'll go ahead, set up the Christmas mood with a nice little story focusing on our beloved Lio (I can see you guys miss her as much as I do)... then we finally see the Christmas special.

I am unsure but I think I can sneak in Circes - I will be storyboarding like crazy for the next two days to figure out how long these specials are... so for a bit you guys might have to enjoy illustrations.

On November 1st we begin with Lio and the Stork.

I have a feeling that after the latest cliffhanger we should have to redo our polls in January as The Gem might get higher votes, since we need to rescue Castalia, somehow... unless you really want to read about Zizack and Pearlie, but it would be nice to alternate cute/sweet, with funny and dramatic stories.

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