Sunday, October 28, 2012

Let's rate the specials.

I understand that some specials were not liked as much as others, be it the drawing style or the seriousness of the story... so let me see which one you liked the most so that I can stay away from the stories you are not quite so interested in reading and are not your cup of tea.
Limits and boundaries are good things as they challenge creativity.

I've decided to do ratings instead of polls so that you could express your opinion on all of them instead of just having to pick one.
Be honest!

I know you are very nice people and would want to go 5 stars on all of them :D, thank you but
please don't.

I would like for you to really:

1) pick your favorite
2) then rate the others according to the order of preference from most favorite to least favorite.
3) Leave a comment if possible to explain your choice.

This is very important as Make up! is about to end and we need to choose what should go next and what tone should it have.

In the meantime I would like to thank you all for helping me with the Calendar. It has been decided that it will have a Realistic style and it will be a combination of cute/romantic little scenes.


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Our Night

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Lost and Found

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He's oursss!

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Out there

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Make up!

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Anonymous said...

Hi gioia.
I'm the one who rated Hugs 5 stars (along with most of the other specials... I'm one of those useless voters who tend to like all the range of your stories :D ).
But I want to specify the vote about Hugs because while I believe it's hard churning out above average effective comedy, reaching a similar level with 'serious' content without going for shock, mere titillation and cheap plot twists is even harder. It's an achievement in itself. You also happen to handle it extremely well imho. And it adds more chiaroscuro to this already rich tapestry of yours.

Your Green Lady Fan :p.

Elisa said...

Ciao, sono Elisa di FB. Ho votato "Out there" come il mio favorito (ma và?) perchè mi è piaciuto molto il mix di azione, umorismo e un pizzico di drama, nonchè lo stile di disegno veramente azzeccato, dinamico e evocativo.
Anche le storie più puramente romantiche mi piacciono (tipo lo speciale che non hai messo in lista di Callista's song) ma se fosse possibile avere tutto questo in un gran calderone... :'-D

Pauline tsiapi said...

Hi Deda, great work as always!!
It's pretty hard to choose but if I had to, I too would go for "Hugs". I like all Kane's stories and I was between "Hugs" and "stars" but the connection to the past and the drama drew me towards Hugs. If I may, I'd like to see a story perhaps where Kane narrates stories of his past to Castalia and they found out they've met before? Or something like that