Thursday, March 29, 2012

Curiosities chapter 19: poison

Remember when Kes and Wes said to pay attention? Okay, here is where we test if you followed their suggestion hahahaha.
Hints were given... how did you collect them?

As a reader you should always be given the same amount of hints and details as the characters. If every character gets a different hint, you reach overall knowledge of the situation before they all do and can draw a conclusion together. In short you have a privileged position, you are omniscient, like a God.

You should never be given less information than the characters otherwise when they draw conclusions... it feels as if they are shooting stuff out of their... butt.

Now these time around the curiosities will add on top of what was given to you in the comic itself with some questions if you can answer to these questions you'll write the curiosities yourselves :D. Sounds fun?

Poison in cups.

The first person you want to ask to is the cook, in our case the new cook because the previous one is brother to the pirate Balthasar.

Who has knowledge of who brought the florins on board?
Two people.
Which one of them knows what they truly mean?
One person.

Who gave the florins to Pifo? Had we seen him before?
Kane here is going back to warn Castalia about the black florin.
He does not have super powers.

Clearly he is too late and finds the girl in big trouble. So far nobody knows what happened to her.

Fickle got sick: What did Fickle eat that made him sick?

What did Castalia drink that made her sick?
Good, correct answer...

...and so Castalia came to the same conclusion - seeing that she had tried to tell the guys that something was in her cup and she remembered the whole thing with the fly - she pieced 2 and 2 together: the something in the cup made us both sick.

Who is close to Castalia when she whispers that? 
Who amongst them knows that Pifo brought the florins on board?

By the way she figures everything out here as she is feeling the first symptoms.

When she is on the floor she is just trying to warn the others, because Kane's life is at  stake.

Now emergency procedure switched from: food gone bad to poison on board.

What's the difference between the two things?
Food goes bad on its own.
Poison requires a culprit.

The crew will look for one. Why involve the whole crew? Because all decisions are taken together, you see... a crew is a Parliament.
So now we have one big final question:

Does Pifo know he poisoned Castalia?

Who is the only person - aside from you - that can piece all the hints together and clearly know what happened and who the real culprit is?

You know where this is heading now... :)

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Never3Kno from SJ said...

And the Culprit is!!!!!! Most likely it's the ex-pirate Balthazar, who's pissed because he believes Kane used loaded dice when winning both the ship and his daughter...... That idiot could have kill both his nephew and his daughters..*facepalm*