Thursday, March 22, 2012

Project Balthasar

Let's talk about the story proposed for the Project Balthasar a bit.

So far I have received four interesting proposals. I don't write the name of the authors yet to keep votes to a level of fairness, for now.

1) Lio's corner: I love this idea but this implied that people would have to write her letters so that she could answer to them! It would be hilarious!

2) Pirates vs. Ninja: I've always wanted to show that pirates could kick any ninja/samurai's ass. Don't get me wrong I love ninja and samurais but I don't think they'd stand a chance against a pirate hahahahaha.
It is hard to have a ninja leave Japan as Japan never wanted to open to the Western world until very late and it is even more difficult to have a bunch of strangers go to Japan without risking their lives. We'd have to settle for a different kind of warrior, similar to a ninja, but coming from Arabia maybe.

The whole concept was to make the ninja (a girl) fall from somewhere high on top of Josh. 

So this would be a Josh vs. the ninja kinda of thing. But let's go a bit "Assassin's Creed" on this and let's say our ninja/warrior is actually an assassin... how many thing could possibly go wrong on the Alidivento?

3) Visit Sicily / sexist argument on the Alidivento with romantic makeups (or Kes eats too much): the visit Sicily will happen in the Badia story so, for that, we're covered. The second part would imply some sort of war boys vs. girls where one couple starts a quarrel and the other ones take sides.
Kane and Castalia might not take sides, not willing to jump in another couple's argument, or might take reversed sides, Castalia with the boys and Kane with the girls. Which might make it more interesting.

4) This pitch was very very long and dealt with a pirate queen with a crew of women running after Kane to recover a book that was never return: albeit the story on its own stands quite well, it cannot exist as it is in the Pirate Balthasar universe, because we are using it to point out at the condition of women in the XVII century and the concept of breaking free. A liberated woman like that could not exist outisde of the Alidivento, unfortunately.  But the book idea was awesome and we are talking more about a female librarian going after a book stolen by Kane. 

So, imagine, a girl librarian could not exist either, but it would be easier for a girl to disguise herself as man and pull a Yentl on books than for an entire crew of women to survive the Turks.

And imagine how fixated she would be to go after a famour pirate in order to retrieve a book from a special collection! Library fees included! hahahaha.

Any thoughts?

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Anonymous said...

Didn't think of the fee idea but I like it. I was trying to find smaller famous libraries of that time for her to maybe be and inheritance of. Kind of like the Balthasars inherit the name and ship, if they don't loose it lol.

But no luck so far. I'd like the librarian to be the middle daughter of the family with an older brother who hates books and a younger brother in the navy that Kane hates so much. This way the father really has no choice but to let her masquerade as a boy until he can convince the eldest to take over the library.