Friday, March 16, 2012

Let's recap!

I think it's only fair, since I propose for you to share ideas, to tell you in advance what will be coming up next. Otherwise you'll find out that a lot of my answer will be: yes, I was planning that.

So here's the good news: my contract has been renewed for 3 more years, so we'll definitely have 3 more years of Balthasar.

The current storyline will end in 2012 though. 
After that will have a few extras and spin offs. 


These one will be about the scene I had to delete because they could not fit. 

One of this stories is called The Storm it's about how the ship deals with the storm when there are 5 girls on board. (storyboarded already)

The Pirate Balthasar - Before!

Content planned:
1) How Kane met Foxy
2) How Kane met Cat
3) How Kane met Westley
4) A series of adventures in Bologna, one of which will be investigating a murder.

If you have any ideas for this let me know.
Will follow another series which I plan to call: The Pirate Balthasar - Adventure!

Possible content:
1) A visit to Badia (sicily) Balthasar vs. the Mafia.
2) Balthasar vs. Circes (a witch)
3) and the one story I hinted about in the promo (the one with Kane kissing Castalia's leg): Castalia's great adventure!
4) How durians arrived in Italy: Balthasar in Malaysia. 

If you have any ideas for this let me know.

Will follow another series probably called: The Pirate Balthasar - Next!

Possible contents:
1) Every time we say goodbye. I might call this series "The pirate's wife" (Kes and Wes and lots of baby Itzak). So far I have 3 stories in mind for this serie: Froggy (about wes and itzak - storyboarded already), the Turks (this one is a bit sad) and How to be a Pirate wife (the girls).
2) Balthasar and Andromeda (The next generation)
3) (and this one I am still trying to gather my thoughts about but it's like a 10 years after).

And why not? I will also attempt: The Pirate Balthasar XXI!

Since you seemed to enjoy the illustrations so much.
God knows what the style will be for these specials... and let's hope I'll be granted health, wealth and time to achieve such a scheme.

Truth be told... I have too much fun writing stories and if you find them to your liking I would be honored to go on this adventure with you.

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