Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Chapter 19 curiosities

 We have a few things to talk about today since the release was about 14 pages (counting the mockumentary).

We start with this play on word here. She is saying picking but he hears pricking because he has been pricked with a fork.
Let's not forget, also, that Josh's mind does not work like everybody else's.
This is what some of the first fork would look like.
We've never seen them before because we seldom see the pirates eat meats.

In this case Pifo set the table right because he has prepared maccheroni. Now, maccheroni was one of the first generic term for pasta, and the first maccheroni looked like fettuccine but wider... closer to what to day we call pappardelle.
You can sort of see them in Kes' plate.

Something this long cannot possibly be eaten with a spoon.
I guess that's when Italians learned to roll their pasta around the fork.

 After Kes leaves and Wes scolds Martin, Foxy and Cat join in.
On one hand they are taking sides with their friend Kes.
On the other side they are looking at their girlfriends since we are talking about "flirts with skirts" and the shame on you is probably directed more to them than to Martin. Hence Lio's line about being an innocent flirtations.
 If you remember, Kes' wedding band is located on the right index finger and she is now wearing it all the time.

She had once pointed out that nobody would ever notice it anyway and it would not help her since it's on the wrong finger.

She is bringing up the same line again as a joke and Wes takes it nicely and jokes in return.
 The host, in this case Westley, sits at the end of the table and the wife should sit across.

Table manner were taken care of in books starting the XVI century, Monsignor della Casa had written his book on Galateo possibly because he had to do with people with no table manner and was sick and tired of it.

In the XVII century it becomes a must do, the heart of social life.
 Seating arrangement can be seen in this panel.
As you can see the girls are sitting across from their partner (except for Kes).
Going around the table we have: Cat, Lio, Martin, Kes, Wes, Josh, Pea, Foxy and Calli.
I think if you google keelhauling you'll be very scared by the results and the explanation on wikipedia.

It was a very cruel form of punishment. The man could go along or across the hull and the barnacles would do some nasty tricks on their skin and flesh.

A lot of them would not survive.

Yes, every once in a while I break the fourth wall.
Sorry to crack jokes like these but I feel that if readers feel the urge to criticize the character and jump to conclusions without letting them explain themselves... then the character are very good at showing that they can do the same.

So yes, if you don't pay attention to details you will get confused but honestly all the answers to most questions are in the comic itself, sometimes in the very same page. So you have to be patience and sometimes bother to re-read certain things, although life has turned out to be a click away for everything... the world belongs to the proactive.

So yes, Cassandra has been wearing that ribbon since chapter one and most of the times, hahahaha, except for a few occasions. I made sure she is the sister with the ribbon.

And Westley commenting on the fact that you cannot skip pages, chapter and balloons is another joke aimed at scanner readers.

Guys, it's not for the pirate balthasar, the pirate balthasar is a silly little thing I do on my spare time... but for everything you have to sit back, relax and enjoy and also question and think ahead but use derivative thinking or induction instead of deducting and jump to conclusion or even settle for answers.

Enjoy and savor things! Be visually intelligent! Double check for sources.... and share only what you deem to be true and good and fantastic. Otherwise good things will always get lost in an ocean of silliness and will drown and die.
It is you, with your choices, who decreets what is successful and what is not.

If you keep on going to watch to the movies things you like to a meh point... you still fund those types of movies and you'll get more of them.
I've only watched The Muppets last year hahahaha. Give me mooooore muppet movies noooow! XD


Ariana said...

Muppet Treasure Island. It's what hooked me on pirates.
And A Muppet's Christmas Carol. Its how i learned about Charles Dickens. lmao

Deda said...

I love the muppets and this year's movie was exactly what a muppet movie should be like... I laughed and cried.