Friday, April 15, 2016

Some clarifications

to whomever left this comment and everybody else who is taking the survey.
Thanks for helping out.

The survey is for The Pirate Balthasar only at the moment because as short as it may seem it's still more than 900 pages for about 5 volumes and it's looking expensive already. This is if we don't count the notes, the extra drawings and other stuff. (and some extra pages I may need to add)

I will not release Origins, Next Generation or The Gem YET because I have still have 9 months worth of stories to finish them up till the end of 2016. Like I said here: ask away.

So I will take your comment and archive it in the category "questions by readers" albeit posted in the wrong place because I really have no way to reply unless I screencap you :/  which is a bit unfair hahaha.

The list to the side of the blog lists the future stories more or less in order. So there's still lots of stuff to go through until December.

As far as I am concerned The Pirate Balthasar is complete, self sufficient and its own product that can live without the other extra stories, this is why I am venturing to test print on it. :D The arc is complete and able to stand alone.

I ask now if people are interested in a printed copy because it will take me months to figure out if I do have a pool and stand a chance at a kickstarter and I have to research on printing, shipping and other things. All my friends who kickstarted their product said that the worst part was indeed the production+shipping.
I'd like to have a head start to know what I am getting myself into, because if I don't have enough people it's not worth it :/ and I will just begin with the kindle version.

I will look into cheaper version as well as omnibus or deluxe versions for those of you willing to pay more for a nice limited edition.
Don't worry about the quality of the print. I will not print until it turns out exactly how I want it, I am used to QC for printing and I am also picky about colors and paper. :D

I will create extra new content for the books, yes, and I will include the notes.
I will make sure it will be shipped everywhere.

If possible I would like to leave the survey for suggestion and the post comments maybe for comments.

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