Saturday, January 03, 2015

February Proposals

Well guys, time to express your opinion for the second round of images.
Which one of these should become the illustration that best represents February?

1 for Gemma and Kane
2 for the Fynns
3 for Josh
4 for Pifo


Angela said...

This is a tough decision. I like one because Kane reading, rrrrawr! Nothin' so attractive as a man who enjoys reading (I am particularly enjoying this story arc).
I like two because hey! shalalas.
I like three because we rarely get to see them and I love the lines throughout. It's very lush.
But I like four because of the composition. I love how their bodies are subtly curved toward each other.
Every time I pick one, I think of something good about another. I think I will have to go with one though. Kane is showing love's truest test: patience.

Vivian Vriend said...

2! 2! :DDD

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