Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Submit a character.

These characters are from Wendy.
She says: Ms Deda you always draw beautiful guys so I give you a fat one.

Hahahaha - it was difficult to be fat in the XVII century, you'd have to be a King but point taken - that means Tonno is a beautiful guy too, are you happy Tonno? (yay)

So here is the description that comes with them>

The woman is a blind fortune-teller, her fortunes are usually accurate, but she will tell them in short riddles.  She can make potions too. She's about 30-45 years old and she was blind since birth.

The man is a Slave trader, he used to be a pirate but not anymore (unless you consider slave traders pirates too) he's kinda greedy with money. he is around 40-50 years old. He's probably diabetic :3 

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