Thursday, November 07, 2013

Secret Santa Rules

I begin by saying that I am opened to suggestions.

 Last year we played it like this:

  1.  You enroll a Secret Santa. 
  2.  You make a wish and take a wish into your hands. 
  3.  You make that wish come true and somebody else will grant yours in return. 

 So let's say: Jane enrolls and says: I can draw! And I want a Quoque/Rose fanfiction. Another person would enroll and say: I can write that fan fiction but I want a poetry in return. Another person would go: I can write poetry and I want a drawing of Kane. The first person will say: cool I draw Kane for you.

 Tadaaaaa. Secret Santa set in place. Everybody gets a gift. So the first thing you do is you enroll, state your skill and make a request.

How do we keep this secret? 

It might be troublesome but we have to go through email only: tynstudios(at)

p.s. please if you do enroll keep your Secret Santa promise


_arianadanelle said...

is this still going on?

Deda Daniels said...

If people join, yes.
So far I've only have 3 people who joined.
I will send a reminder out today.