Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Thank you :D

Thank you all for the birthday wishes.
I received so many messages it was hard to keep up and reply to all of them.

I had a very nice birthday (received 3 cakes already and am waiting for a 4th one hahaha and a lot of books as presents)... and here is the best cake I could ever get - although it got into an accident in the car, they told me, it tipped over, the decoration got destroyed and only a few flowers and the image were spared... apparently the writing was not just my name hahaha.

Anyways... I will be going on vacation from the 27th to the 4th and during those 8 days the comic will be taking a break as well... because, even though I might have a wifi, I cannot guarantee it.

I am going on a cruise - it's a present to myself.

If you wish I will be uploading the sketches I will draw during the trip :D
I will make sure to finish Nicoli's Dream before I sail away, and when I return we'll continue with Colapesce's Reality.

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