Monday, May 27, 2013

List the most epic moment....

Apparently Chapter 8 was the most epic!
Anyways these are the scenes proposed all around and across the web.

 Before I create a silly poll for this - how I love polls - would you like to comment on the selected scenes? ------ the number to the sides just shows the number of preferences. (not many people played)

it is the sword "fight" between Castalia and Kane in chapter eight+ josh+ fainting - 6

when Kane took off his mask - 4

Callista won't trip anymore - 3

The moment that Calli was climbing the rigging...and it broke and called for Cat... - 3

The bit where Josh cornered Pifo and Pifo let him have it... "I'm Gay...not Cheap"... and then on to the bit where he discussed it with Amil ^^ - 3

Kes and Wes wedding - 2

when Castalia survived the poison from the black coin - 2

The transfusion in "All I have" / The whole 'All I Have' brofest. - 2

"Foxy "admitting" he didn't want to die" - 2 

Kane and Castalia's "wedding" with the fuzzy priest - 2

Kes declaring her love for Wes publicly while defending tied! Wes + shameless kissing in the town square - 2

Kane meeting Cat and Foxy

The Pirate Balthasar is a girl

Cat and Callista - first kiss

Kidnapping the wrong girl

When Castallia let it be known to her sisters that she was truely staying with Kane. "If she (Lio) decides to stay, at least that's one of you I won't loose." While holding Kane's hand.

The bath on 1st wednesday and then Pifo's description

Kes reading Westley's journal

The bit where Castalia thought that Kane was josh...

"it wasn't a Kiss it was a Kerchief!!"

CPR with Lio and Foxy

Wes and Kes' first proper kiss

Wes telling Kes he loves her at her worst

The unwanted hair cut

The claiming of castalialand and Kane laughing

Captain Steeves realizing he is in love

Froggy bonding with froggy

Lorenzo lives!!!

"How is the doctor doing today?"

The girls' haircut

"Like a Boss"

"the birth of the evil society"

Castalia's first tears

"to really love someone you'd need a lifetime"


Donuts rain from the sky

Kes snapping the spoon as Wes turned the charm on in the Alidivento kitchen

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Myridd said...

Lorenzo liiiiiives! I love that cat.