Monday, September 10, 2012

Journey to the past n. 3

This one really is a journey down memory lane! Look what I've found! It's the first script of The Pirate Balthasar - back then was called Pirates (then along came Roman Polansky and I had to change name to the story).

Of course I already had written/draw an entire comic before I decided it should be changed, improved, and written down.
This one was printed with one of those super noisy printers with needles going zooooing zoooing zoooing across the paper hahahaha.

And look at this one, this one is like from when I was 12 (can tell huh?)

My very first drawing of a pirate. Back then he was just called pirate captain (yeah, like the protagonist of the new Aardman movie hahaha). He does look like Philip from Sleeping Beauty a bit because... I was very fond of Sleeping Beauty and Philip (love).

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