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Height: 162 cm (5,3 feet tall)
Age: 16
Hair color: ash blond
eyes color: blue

The Crazy One!

Our protagonist... is a very strange girl. She likes to forge swords and then goes to the local tavern every night to test if it does work... or if it does not. Most of the time the sword breaks on the head of some poor peasant and she starts a fight way too often... so much that the townsfolk can't stand her anymore, they call her The Crazy One and try to avoid her!
She has almost forgotten her real name... because everybody calls her that!

She lives with her Uncle Aristotle, his 8 Swiss guards, her 3 aunties (all of them nuns), her sisters and a cousin who went to school but came back more stupid than before and with a despicable pronunciation problem.

She looks like a boy (cut her hair short because helps her out with the forging of the sword and the training with the sword as well), just like her sisters she is way too skinny for beauty standards of that time - the uncle does not feed them well - and a particular trait of her is: her hands are huge.
A normal person hands go from chin to a little over the eyebrows. Hers are as big as her face. This might come from many years of handling tools (she also has strong arms muscles and larger shoulders than her sisters). Her hands are also... not so soft and not very lady like.

Why she acts so strangely... you'll have to find out. Who's taking her away from this routine? You'll have to find out that too.

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