Saturday, February 01, 2014

Some awesome fanarts

I did not have much time to share some of these with you guys but I recently received some fanart and lots of love so it's about time we share and love in return, right?

This first set of drawing is from Kevsoraone - who said he could not sleep at night and so doodle this - for a while I lost his message and contact but I finally found it again: visit Kevin's gallery on Deviant Art Here.

I think you guys might know him Shawn Ye (he currently has no website and I think he suspended his DA account but you can find him on CGSociety and Concept Art World... for instance.. HERE - he is very famous in the feline lover community and designs cards and stuff.
Well it just so happens that Shawn sits right next to me in the office hahaha and so he was inspired by pirates and white cats and drew me a Catstalia.

The last one is by Aurora - some italian readers may know her from her series on Shockdom. Here is her fanpage on facebook. Where you can also follower her work in progress for this lovely piece of Cat and Callista :D


Acantha said...

oh god cat look like donkey kong lol

Deda Daniels said...

well, he is a little monkey :D