Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Oh, my... dress!

 I was watching this show called If Walls could talk, something elianthos passed to me on dvd and that I truly enjoyed, and as Lucy Worsley was trying to replicate a dance of the XVII century (at one point they pick the 1660 because of the restoration in the U.k. which is very interesting to compare with what was going on in the rest of Europe)... anyways as she was trying the dance I noticed that her dance partner had his dress tailored after the fashion I picked for Westley' wedding dress.

That was interesting as I did pick a dress in British fashion for that day, the only difference is that Westley tied the pants around the knees in the ducth fashion.

That's because his fashion sense is a bit dated, comes from all over the places (North and South Europe) and because he is not high class after all... so he might have the clothing but he wears them whichever way he likes and can.
Probably he also likes to roll up his socks on top of his pants too.

Anyways it was interesting to see that I still remembered my costumes right.
If you were interested to see where the red crevatte and ribbons came from it is also from Dutch fashion.

I think paintings are the best source of information ever, for historical reconstructions... look how cute these girls dresses are!

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