Saturday, October 13, 2012

I sense you miss the girls

 Hi guys,
it's been quite some times since we had a conversation...

I no longer post about curiosities and there have been quite a few,
my being sick also let this blog suffer a lot too and I can tell by
the ratings that you miss the girls, in the current specials, that you enjoy the boys but the absence of the girls is particularly felt.

Am I right?

I am sorry, I thought you might like a variety in stories and styles but  I understand that a World like the one of The Pirate Balthasar needs a lot of things: illustrations, games, polls... and I know you all got busy with school, work, life in general too and I have not been active myself.

So I've decided to go back to the old times, whereby this blog will be full of interesting articles and stuff and not just a place holder for the comic itself. It should be a receptacle for all this, don't you agree?

My health has not improved one bit, if any it has gotten worse. I am trying my best to figure out why I'm always sick, I hope to come out of this ordeal triumphant.

Let's go back with a journey to the past, shall we?
I think you will enjoy these: they are the first drawings of the characters how we know them today.

The one you see above in full color is a scene I removed, where Castalia and her sisters unmask Kane to figure out who he really is.

I am almost tempted to do a paralel universe to write how things could have gone if they hadn't gone the way they did. 

Okay so guess who?
Yes, this is one of the first drawings of Cat and Callista.
This is the scene where he gives her his shoes, it has stayed the same throught the years.

And guess who is the next couple?
Yes, Wes and Kes... at one point Kes was faking a fever and playing the little sickling girl to avoid the chores hahaha.
Should I write a story about it?
These two are Lio and Foxy, clearly.

Initially Lio would only speak one sentence: are you feeling well?
I mean those were the only lines she would speak in the entire story, with some variations like: are you alright?
But nothing different would come out of her mouth.

And here she is checking Foxy to see if he is wearing enough layers, else he might catch a cold.

And after Lio and Foxy here's Cassiopea with Martin.
Initially, Martin had one peculiar trait: he would always get kidnapped and held prisoner by somebody, due to his beauty... and in more than one occasion Pea had to go to his rescue.

Of course being very pretty she would get away with crime many times.
This was quite a funny storyline and it would be interesting to explore.

And here are Pifo and Fickle.

So yeah, Fickle was a chamaeleon from the start, way before Rapunzel made chamaeleons popular pets.
I am actually glad someone else decided to use a reptile as a sidekick (a positive one). :D

I have a thing for lizards in general ^^" I know I am weird but I like weird animals: frill neck lizards, ostriches and bees are amongst my favorites... and then I like hornbill birds.

I am not into wild felines, wolves and mystical creatures at all... I like dogs and cats and all animals in general but, most of my life I've owned turtels and birs and when it comes to pet companions... I'd personally like to have a Camel or a llama, anything with funny features, long eyelashes and funny personality, like "the serious fox" over a regular kitsune. XDDD

So... seems like Westley will be collecting a lot of weird animals in the future, are you in for the ride?

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