Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ball point pen

This chapter is entirely drawn with a ball point pen.

This is because when I first started drawing it I was stranded between airports, waiting rooms, hospitals and such and all I had with me was my faithful pen and my moleskine sketchbook.

You might notice some inconsistencies... it's because not all ball point pens are the same.
Some are softer than others...

To me they work exactly like graphite pencil, that's why I like to use them and I find them quite easy to use.

You can start very light and build on top... but I think that having a ball point pen that is not the classic BIC (bic pens have harder tips) helps.
So this is what the page looks like before I color it.

You may notice that my coloring skills are also not very consistent.
It depends a lot on the time at my disposal, how well I feel... but also it depends on the mood I am trying to convey.

In the two pages before this one you might have noticed how the colors suddenly went flat, while the page before was more painterly.

I used flat colors because it helped me held the figure together and came to the advantage of the action scene.

Eventually I am switching back to the painterly quality but I cannot do that too suddenly ^^"
I think yesterday's page got a little messed up but my throat is acting up again and I really don't do well with swollen tonsils. (I caught a seriously evil bacteria, let me tell you).

Nevertheless, even though they are quite tribulated, I hope you are enjoying these pages.
Telling Cat's back story is not easy so it took me quite some times to put the special together.

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