Wednesday, March 13, 2013

This Week...

1) I shall announce the winner of the 3rd year anniversary contest.

2) I shall reply to many questions with small mini special before I tackle the next big one (which I am still storyboarding)

3) I shall fix the blog again because the latest update from blogger disconnected my shoutbox and zazzle.

4) After a long struggle I managed to have my Mediafire account unlocked so that I could go in and cancel it!
This is the end of my Unfortunate Adventure with mediafire, after they treated me like a criminal for more than a year. Only one person replied and apologized but not about the way I was treated but about the fact that nobody replied to my many many tickets.
She was nice though.
The person who unlocked the account did not apologize either and did not bother to ask why I was leaving. I shifted all my files - that are perfectly legal - on a cloud server now. As far as I am concerned mediafire will never see my money, my face nor hear kinds words from me ever again.

5) Scribd compression problems cannot be fixed... therefore the Balthasar's log will be moved to dropr little by little.

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