Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter eggs.

My mom has been bugging me about painting Easter eggs for a while.
So I bought her styrofoam eggs, gave her brushes, gouache and glazing medium and told her: okay, first you paint the base, then you decorate and then you glaze.
She painted them a generic color and said: DONE!
I was like: but put some stripes, some dots, do something…
So I told her: I am going to commandeer your eggs if you don’t finish them.
And she went: Fffffine.
And I said: Fffffine.
And 4 hours later I had painted pirate balthasar eggs.
All of this to say: Happy Easter folks!
(don’t give styrofoam eggs, gouache and brushes to your mama cuz she ain’t gonna paint and you’ll end up doing her work instead XD).

I glazed and hanged to dry.
Decorations done.

Design planned.

In the end I had to refined the drawings with pen. 

I promise to take better pictures with a better camera and in details... these were done with my ipad.

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