Thursday, April 19, 2012

Today is the day.

So to day is the day.

Tha mask comes off.

I know it won't be much of a surprise (besides Kanes has stated long ago what he looks like) I think what all the excitement is all about is to finally see what we all guessed all along. Hahahahah. there will be quite a few: I knew it! Hahahahaha.

Besides... seeing that Kane TM grin in his full face... aaaah... gotta be worth the wait!

Ah, so I am leaving for Bali now but the update will be up and running tomorrow.


Vulpini said...

I just can't wait to draw him!
Deda, as his artist how does it feel to finally have the rest of us see him? Do you feel that you are losing a bit of intimacy with being the only woman besides Castalia who knows his face?

Deda said...

I was actually looking forward to use his face in its entirety.
Initially, in the story, he revealed his face much earlier.
Then everything got postponed to the end.
It was a bit complicated having to cover his face most of the times... with hair hahahahaha. I felt silly.

I only hope people understand that Kane's reason to use a mask are not so silly after all.