Thursday, April 19, 2012

One more day... and vacation.

It's interesting, school was on break for 6 weeks and but I wasn't able to plan any vacation.
Now that lectures have started I can finally take a week-end off.

I will be going Schetck Crawling in Bali this weekend. I will program to blog to post anyways, since update falls while I'm away.... there shall be update.

I had again a dream with a red tree in it... I wonder why I keep on having images of red trees in my dreams. So that's what came out this time around. This is very small.

I call it: into the woods (like the musical I like so much).

I hope I can paint a bigger version of it soon.

One more day and Kane's mask will come off.

Right now I have to run, my students will be taking Visual Development test this morning and I have to show The Princess Bride for the Contemporary Film Making class! hahahahaha

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