Monday, April 16, 2012

Curiosities: pregnancies and contraceptives.

 So Kes is pregnant (hurray) and she figured out because well... she fainted.
I used something that happened to a friend of mine to depict this moment because, when it happened to her, it was quite funny. We were talking about something that makes you sick and she passed out and we got seriously scared.

But in the end she was pregnant, LOL. Now my friend was never the kind of girl who had a very precise period, it came, it went, it skipped... so she had no way to figure out that she was pregnant until she hit the floor.

Not all women go through the same kinds of problems when they get pregnant. Some of them feel nausea, others don't, some can eat like crazy, others lose their appetite in the first months of pregnancy.
Nevertheless blood pressure does go down a lot and a feeling of weakness and dizziness may occur. Some faint too.

Another friend of mine was never hungry and had no cravings, another one ate like crazy for a bit, then stopped, then ate again, and another friend of mine could not eat anything but chicken for a while since everything else smelt gross to her. My sister had a very serene pregnancy both times. She had nausea and vomited at first then relaxed the rest of the way but could not move much from the fifth month onward. The friend who could only eat chicken could bend down and do a lot of things instead, she was quite agile.

So... all women take it differently, just as every woman lives her period differently (some suffer, others don't).

In our case, Kes had not been eating and drinking... if you remember she has not been hungry for quite some times and then probably due to the poison alarm she did not have a single sip of water, that's what cause her blood pressure to go down and that's why she suddenly fainted.

Contraceptive. Of course if you go online both wikipedia and durex have an interesting page on the history of condoms.
Condoms existed since the dawn of times, they were made of animals intestines and the first rubber one had to wait for rubber to be invented in 1832.

At some point men just knew how to fabricate home made ones.
My feeling is that doctor would know too and it would use them (and he would probably teach his crew too or force them to use them to avoid illness on board).

But let's face it the usage of such contraceptive methods was mainly to avoid catching venereal diseases.

Once married you either calculate fertile days with your wife or you just be very careful and... pull out.

Anyways if contraceptive methods are not 100% safe these days (just read the small print on condoms, they don't guarantee for you 100%), imagine back in the days.

Whatever happened here the doctor's being careful was not enough. Maybe all it took was just this one time... and ain't it all it takes, just one time? Nowadays too - that's why, kids, be very very careful and get informed! (especially you, girls, don't just rely on your partner to take care of everything. Get informed yourselves!)

Well, in our case, even the most educated amongst them all... scored... see?
Morale of the story: second case of baby on boooooard!

Wanna bet on who is going to be giving birth first? Will it be Kes or Rose?


Jazzi said...

Hmm, cows have same pregnancy time as humans, yet Kes is already preggy for 3 months. And I don't know how long ago it was known that Rose was preggy.

But, when in the story is 3 months ago? Was she already pregnant when she ate all the desserts?

Deda said...

Remember which one was the night Rose met her loved one! You'll know how long she has been pregnant...

Unfortunately Kes was already pregnant when she ate all the desserts.

Zenithlea said...

On the question of who gives birth first, I'd say it's pretty much neck to neck. Rose met her loved one on Kes's drunken 'I need to pee' night and I think the wedding party on the ship was soon after that. Maybe a day?
Babies are such planner killers that for all we know, either Rose or Kes might have an early baby. Difficult to say.