Friday, April 27, 2012

Curiosities and little tricks...

 Let's not take Quoque too literally, we know he cannot talk properly.

What he meant here is clearly the fact that Pifo does not go around saying to the entire World that Quoque is a Balthasar.

Our little buddy here does understand that there must be a reason as to why Kane changed his brother's name and keeps quiet.

He does not go around shouting "Amil Amil!". ;) That's all the Pulcinella secret he is talking about.

Now we know that the doctor's name used to be Itzak.

Kes knows and want to name their baby after the daddy. Ain't that cuuuuute! Aw! <3

And now la Pièce de résistance!

Ahahahaha! Sorry, I played a little trick on you.

But I hope you guys had fun with it... go check chapter 15, around page 12, to revisit the scene!

It's super funny when you re-read it the second time and actually you'll see that Castalia's reaction had a completely different meaning.

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