Monday, April 09, 2012

Chapter 19 final curiosities

Pyramus and Thisbe is a very ancient tragedy, probably the source of Romeo and Juliet and many other stories were forbidden love leads to tragedy.

Shakespeare used it a second time in his "Midsummer Night Dream" but in general it's the story of a boy and a girl who are forbidden by parents to love each other and can only communicate through a crack on the wall.

There's a tragic misunderstanding and they both die in the end (kinda like in Romeo and Juliet  where he thinks she is dead and kills himself, she wakes up, finds him dead and kills herself too).
Ahahahaha! Sorry I was tempted to put these two together: I can see your pretty eye, milady....
Mooo? <3

This is the chapter where Pea makes a mistake after another.

She basically behaves like the ones she despises the most: she lies, probably steals food for Steeves too and in the end even resorts to "violence" (a knife).

It's a classic contrapasso for characters who are judgmental, to be judged in return for making the same mistakes they usually comment upon with spite.

In the end she is not even quick in reacting upon hearing the news that Castalia might be dying and realizes how selfish she has been only afterwards and cries out of guilt and many other reasons.

I guess she had to learn the hard way, huh?

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