Sunday, January 26, 2014

Secret Santa unveiled

Hello guys, we did not have that many Secret Santa this year - and a couple of them turned their secret santa into a trade so I do not know how that deal ended.

The ones that were granted for this year are in for a treat! :D Especially because one of the present, at one point, became a collaboration.

Let's begin with the wishes:

1) playlist of songs requested by Annaquata - list put together by elianthos

CLICK HERE  to download the file with this huuuge list of songs that covers most of the Pirate Balthasar. 
Although not updated, this playlist is made of all the songs that several readers have proposed over the years as ideal soundtrack for certain moment in the story.

2) Andromeda and Lorenzo's wife - requested by Vivian... adopted by Rey.

3) a picture of Martin in elegant clothes requested by Rey and adopted by Vivian.

4) This one came out of a request and then a bail out of sort but lucky for us... it was picked up by Annacquata and elianthos decided to design a cover for this beautiful fanfiction involving Pea, Kane and a mysterious wish.

You can read it in English or in Italian. By the way - this is the cover!

Having said so I think you guys should collaborate more often because this ended up being a great Christmas treat for me as well. Hahahah.

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