Sunday, January 19, 2014

Anniversary - sketchaday - n 18 - Nicoli and Colapesce

Today's request was for a drawing of Nicoli and Colapesce :D

In case you'd want to know what's coming up next - you guys have requested this:

  • Switch the guys physical appearance 
  •  Wes and Kes Switcharoo 
  •  the Doctor in Tights 
  •  Pea on the Thundering 
  •  Martin and Pea switcharoo 
  •  the crew : tonno, Orso, Jacopo, Yusuf, Duccio etc… 
  •  Foxy/lio Switcharoo 
  •  Penelope Martin sisters 
  •  Itzak and Pearl 
  •  family portrait Fynn 
  •  grandpa cosimo reading kane's journal with glasses 
  •  Catstaliacat worshiped and gaia with a fan 
  •  doctor van hood 
  •  Balthasar and Andromeda 
  •  The night of the weregoats
  • Lio and her baby
  • Circe's feline harem
  • Nino Magliani the pilot who never uses maps

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