Sunday, January 12, 2014

Anniversary - Sketchaday - n. 11 - switcharoo n.1

Today's sketchaday is a combination of different requests... so we'll eventually get a set.
The first set is kane/castalia.

Kane as a girl.
Castalia as a boy.
Castalia as Kane.
Kane as Castalia.

Castalio is quite the dork hahaha.


Pauline tsiapi said...

Lol I love Kane as a girl and as Castalia!!! Do you think we could see a portrait of grandpa Cosimo? I always kinda pictured him reading Kane's journal in front of a fireplace wearing his eyeglass... Or maybe in front of his crew along with that very very hot doctor of his?

Deda Daniels said...

sounds like a great idea, I'll put it in the list.