Friday, August 23, 2013

Sketches from real life

 Universal Studios Singapore.

New York and Hollywood... and the second sketch is clearly Egypt.

 So in Singapore there's this thing called SEA Aquarium which has one of the biggest Oceanarium in the world.

The Oceanarium is a huge tank full of huge fishes and you can sit on the floor and stare at them for ever and after a while you have a feeling they are flying.

The Manta is very big and she swims around followed by other little fishes who never leave him alone (the female manta has only 3 or 4).... they are like groupies: we love youuuuu, always with youuuuu, to the eeeend! yolo yolo.
Singapore Zoo and River Safari.

The panda is Jia Jia.

Here are some more sketches I did on the train while I was coming back from my voice training class.

I drew these from Raffles place to Bishan... I don't know how long that takes though.

More and more people addicted to phones make for very good, still models.

I noticed that people around me, especially kid, like to play a game while staring at my sketch which is: guess who am I going to draw next.
They look around and go: that one!
hahahaha so cute.

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