Monday, May 30, 2011

Colored lineart

I'm always happy to see people having fun with linearts (even though mine aren't particularly easy to deal with (too many opened lines and not as clean as they could be).

jijikit has sent me a link to her colored version yesterday.
If you click on her nick you can follow her to Deviant Art and leave a nice message for her under her drawing.

I should be done with the illustrations for Cuore Nero by Amabile Giusti soon (it's a book, once the website is up you can go give a look at my poor attempt to render her characters in drawing form LOL)... so I should be able to go back on the comic full throttle soon.

Currently I am only 4 pages behind but I can catch up very easy. But I haven't produced any illustrations in ages and I need material to fill in our second artbook, right?

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Mallory said...

This always reminds me of a book I read in high school called "Stranger in a Strange Land."

Here's the cover: